The “deep state” is obviously behind the internet takedown of Alex Jones and InfoWars – watch at

The systematic removal of Alex Jones and his InfoWars news platform from virtually all social media platforms over the course of about 12 hours has “deep state” fingerprints all over it.

During a recent segment of The Alex Jones Show, available at, Jones speaks with Paul Joseph Watson about the immediate agenda of censoring Jones from reaching his more than 1.7 million subscribers.

“They’re probably not going to outright ban a bunch more people immediately,” contends Watson, who thus far has avoided being ensnared in the censorship catch net.

“They will eventually, obviously. They’ll ban everyone. But, in the short term, this is about changing the Overton window, shifting the Overton window, where conservatives moderate their opinions, where they moderate their speech, just to ensure the survival of their platforms.”

“It’s all a power play,” he adds. “It’s intellectual castration, and it neutralizes them politically before the midterms, before the potential reelection of Trump.”

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Rabid leftists are trying to recategorize conservative free speech as “hate speech” just before the midterms

By manipulating the dumbed-down, leftist masses into believing that all forms of speech that offend them are “hate speech,” the leftist ringleaders are basically aiming to steal the midterm elections.

Eliminating powerful conservative voices like Jones from the internet is also a form of collusion by the liberal left, which is actively conspiring to allow only far-left voices to spew lies and deception all over social media in order to steal the election from Republicans.

“As Mike Adams is talking about, this is literally communist Chinese-style social credit score, 1984-style un-personing,” warns Watson. “It’s politically-motivated, it was coordinated in the same 12-hour period. They even got you on Pinterest.”

Deep state bans Alex Jones from LinkedIn, even though you can’t even upload content to the platform

Perhaps the biggest misnomer in the whole thing, and the lie being repeated most often, is that Alex Jones had to be removed from the internet due to “hate speech.” This might be an argument, were it not for the fact that even the business resume site LinkedIn banned Jones from its platform as part of the mass censorship sweep.

“This has nothing to do with hate speech,” Watson insists. “That’s the biggest lie about all of this because you cannot upload content to LinkedIn.”

San Francisco tech monopolies are ushering in communist “social score” system similar to China’s

It might not seem like a big deal to some, but platforms like LinkedIn are how companies decide who to hire. By arbitrarily removing users that the tech overlords don’t like, these San Francisco tech monopolies are basically implementing China’s communist “social score” system right here in America.

In other words, if employers can’t find someone on LinkedIn because they’ve been de-platformed as a person, that person won’t be able to gain employment – a punishment for speaking out against the official government narrative.

“So I imagine if you had somebody who said something controversial on the internet, then they get deleted from LinkedIn, then they find it impossible to get a job simply being listed as a person on LinkedIn,” says Watson.

In China, a journalist who you might say is similar to Alex Jones in his questioning of government lies was recently banned from purchasing a house because his “social score” was deemed too low. This is, in essence, what’s now happening in America with the censorship of conservative voices on social media.

“This is true racketeering not seen since the Nazis,” says Jones.

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