Adams: Democrats will deliver chaos, unrest, and civil conflict if they are allowed to regain power

In a compelling new broadcast posted at recently, site founder Mike Adams discussed the various ways that Democrats will dramatically upset the civil society and increase uncivil discourse as well as the chance for domestic conflict should they win back control of Congress this fall.

More broadly, if they manage to unseat POTUS Donald Trump and drive down the Republican majority, according to their public policy statements and in various media interviews, Democrats are promising to enact a number of policies that would not only halt POTUS Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda but would return the country to the dark fiscal days of the Obama administration, while at the same time widening the political chasm between Left and Right.

In his video Adams notes that Democrats, should the seize power, will:

Dramatically hike taxes: In recent days Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, considered to be a leading contender for her party’s presidential nomination in 2020, proposed reversing the Trump-Republican tax cut package on businesses and individuals that has helped lead to a complete turnaround in the U.S. economy. She talked about a 50 percent hike. Where Obama averaged about 1.5-1.8 percent annual growth, Trump’s average is above 3 percent and the country just clocked a 4.1 percent growth rate for the second quarter. Tax hikes will destroy this progress.

— Enact open borders policies while abolishing ICE: At first, considered to be a policy preference of the Democratic Party’s fringe, more ‘mainstream’ Democrats are now embracing the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to include another 2020 presidential frontrunner Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has called it a “deportation force.” At the same time, Democrats are all about opening our borders, essentially, and letting in as many illegal aliens as possible to dilute our culture and to secure as future voters.

— Closing prisons: Again, once considered a fringe position, more Democrats are adopting the view that we should actually abolish prisons. This ridiculous proposal is especially popular among the growing Democratic Socialist wing of the party.

— Taking control over the private sector: Because socialism cannot exist without government control over the private sector, we should expect that, under Democrat control, the growing socialist wing will move to take over as much of the private sector business community as possible. That’s because that faction does not believe in profits and because we’ve already seen the Democrats, under Obama, hand the government control over one-sixth of the U.S. economy when they passed Obamacare. Just like Venezuela, socialist Democrats’ increasing control over the private sector would combine with tax increases and the abolishment of profit to devastate our economy for decades to come.

— Make America Globalist Again: It’s becoming apparent that the Deep State is run by, and deferential too, Democrats. And the Deep State is full of globalists who would once again begin selling out American interests abroad. They will reverse POTUS Trump’s “America First” economic and foreign policy objectives and hand control back to globalist constructs like the U.N.

— More and better censorship: As conservative and pro-Trump leaning media sources and college students have already observed, freedom of speech, expression, and assembly are being steadily eroded by Left-wing Democratic domains – in social media, in academia, and in the public square. This censorship will triple and quadruple with Democrats in control.

More violence – against Patriots: As we’ve already seen, violence against patriotic Americans who are also supporters of POTUS Trump have been attacked, physically harmed, and nearly killed. All of this gets much worse under Democratic rule. (Related: SHOCK poll: One-in-three Americans see a SECOND civil war coming thanks to Alt-Left violence.)

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